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Game mechanics that create Fusion between

Patient Education and Patient Engagement.

Rx Interactive, Inc. uses gamification technology to make patient education engaging.  Gamification is built upon 10 primary game mechanics, proven to motivate and engage users.  Such as immediate feedback, goals and rewards.  Our solutions are optimized base on the disease, medication and average demographic of the patient.


Unlike the status quo, where patient addressed by using pamphlets that doctors office, we will offer an engaging experience so the patients motivated take the medicine, know how to take it, know the side effects, when to call their doctor and manage the disease.


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​Our Patient Adherence Game App will have everything Healthcare Organizations need to motivate patients with metabolic disorders  to successfully adhere to their treatments. Patients will be rewarded for healthy lifestyle choices, medication adherence and engaging in patient education. 

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•Our motivation is to eliminate patient disease/medication education as ever being a future contributing reason for patients achieving poor medical outcomes capable of leading to premature death.

•The US pharmaceutical industry alone loses an estimated $290 billion annually due to medication non-adherence. Among patients with chronic illness, 50% do not take medications as prescribed. 

•Increasing adherence rates by only 10 percentage points would translate into a $41 billion pharmaceutical revenue opportunity in the US ($124 billion globally), accompanied by improved health outcomes and decreased healthcare spending.

​•Rx Interactive, Inc. is devoted to increasing patient adherence by improving health literacy of patients dealing with chronic diseases.  At Rx Interactive, Inc., we view ourselves as partners with healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and most importantly patients.





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